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woah oh oh fighter of the night man woah oh oh

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the holy trinity

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The Wisconsin Humane Society is really good at naming kittens.


The Wisconsin Humane Society is really good at naming kittens.

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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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And Captain banned headphones from the office, due to the Gina incident.

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shots fired




shots fired

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For Frances, it was a point of pride at one point that she was undateable. This feeling that she didn’t fit into hetero-normative structures, that she wasn’t able to settle down, and no man would be able to handle her.  She thought that she and her friend were like that and that they would grow old together and be spinsters or something.  As the movie goes on, she realizes that she doesn’t want to be left out of that aspect of life.  I don’t think she becomes worried about it so much as there’s just a moment where she sees a man, Benji (Michael Zegen), who she could have probably dated, with another girl, and she thinks, “Everybody is moving on and coupling off and doing these things, and I haven’t done it and maybe that was the wrong choice.”  For her, it’s more about that.

Greta Gerwig

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I’m crying

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You guys been to Florida?

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Kentucky gentleman seems like the saddest drink to me. Something about the plastic bottle is so grim.

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This is going to be a tough week so I am not allowed to put horrible chemicals into my body.

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